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In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell.
What Pseudo-Christianity Will not Teach The Unread


Misters/Priest are first and foremost ordained by God: when they receive ‘The Calling’ and accept it.  By accepting the calling of Christ they are, by that same decision, ‘Ordained’.  In fact, no other ordination without this ordination makes a ‘Minister of Christ’, whatever name they choose to go by.  Now that they are ‘God Ordained’ they may join a church organization and be ordained therein also (The Ordination of Men), or just do the good work within  ‘The Church of Christ’  – the assembly of the repented and baptised  – The Christians.

There have always been two kinds of Ministers/Priest:

those who have the calling and do the good works before or after their baptism, and those who do not have the calling but pretend to and likewise they pretend to do the good works, but do nothing of the kind; not in works, nor within their hearts: for they are the congregation of Satan and occupy their position for personal gain, be it lust of the flesh, money, power or all of those.  These can only ever have been ‘Human/Church Ordained’    – the ordination of men. 

Don’t listen to any fables: for example, that your minister shows spiritual elevation,

for this quote, being man-invented, is widely abused
by clergy and marketers. Neither be fooled by men-invented holiness: a holiness anyone can play.  Jesus says: you shall know them by their fruit (their ways, things they do, what they teach).  Therefore you should examine their words and compare all they do and say to Christ’s.  You should examine their way of life and compare it to the Gospel  – so you can recognize their fruit and ‘see’ that they are good fruit.  Their words and doctrine must be that of Christ; like a minister of ‘Christ’ and not as a minister of ‘men’.

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...And The Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against It
Through the ages, Catholics and other Nicolaitans defied the above quotation by Jesus, 
oppressing and murdering many, deceiving and misleading many more.
But they have not and shall not prevail against
'His Church'.



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